ABS-CBN’S “Revenge” is a hit in Caledonia, Polynesia and Reunion Islands

ABS-CBN continues to evolve into a global media and entertainment company as another one of its wildly successful TV series makes it groundbreaking launch in three French-speaking territories in the Pacific and Indian oceans, which aired in August 19 via French network, Outre-mer la 1ere.

Wildflower, a highly popular Filipino drama that follows a strong-willed woman thirsty for revenge and justice after her parents were murdered by a powerful clan, debuted in New Caledonia, Polynesia, and Reunion, which was made possible through ABS-CBN’s partnership with Ampersand Fiction, a French content distributor. It is also being aired in all French-speaking African countries through the deal made with Startimes and is expected to invade TV screens in Madagascar beginning October.

Top billed by one of the Philippines’ premier actresses, Maja Salvador, Wildflower consistently won its timeslot, topped Twitter trends, and spawned thousands of memes for its feisty episodes.

The airing of Wildflower in French-speaking territories follows ABS-CBN’s string of successes in capturing more non-Filipino viewers in international markets this 2019, with The Promise in the Dominican Republic, Betrayal in Tanzania, Forevermore in Thailand, The Blood Sisters in Kazakhstan, The General’s Daughter and Now and Forever in Myanmar, and the upcoming co-production of ABS-CBN and Limon Yapim of A Mother’s Guilt in Turkey.