Nippon TV heads to MIPCOM with three new format options

Japanese leading broadcasters prepares to launch at MIPCOM three new format options, with one scripted, “Your Turn to Kill”, and two new game shows formats, “Red Carpet Survival” and “Sokkuri Sweets”.

With the company's continued success of its scripted formats such us Mother and Woman - My Life for My Children, and game show Beat the Rooms co-produced with Red Arrow Studios International, Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) through Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development, announced the new format slate for this year’s MIPCOM.

Your Turn to Kill is our our new crime/mystery scripted format created with international adaptations in mind and has 20 episodes which is almost double the number of regular Japanese drama series. It is a format that one cannot stop watching episode after episode to find out who the suspect is and viewers predict it avidly on social media while they watch’, he explained.

The series shows a newly-married couple, having just bought their first home, are convinced that a happy and peaceful life is about to begin until people in their building suddenly start dying. It turns out that thirteen neighbors each wrote the name of the person they want to kill on a piece of paper after being asked “Is there someone you want to kill right now?” from an anonymous person. At random, they each drew lots to see which name they received, setting the “swap murder game” in motion.

‘Our latest unscripted format, Red Carpet Survival is a never-before-seen entertainment game show which is perfect for family viewing and can turn any location into ground zero simply by laying a red carpet. And our third title, Sokkuri Sweets, is our newest answer to the many inquiries we continually receive for our wacky Japanese gameshow formats. Sokkuri means ‘exactly the same’ and it really is impossible to figure out if the items are real or fake. It is amazing to see celebrities bite into a shoe thinking it is made of chocolate. We look forward to meeting all our clients and new buyers at MIPCOM’, completes Sogo.
Red Carpet Survival is a thrilling game show where contestants act as bodyguards who must safely escort a VIP: their mission is to make the VIP stay on the red carpet that stretches out to their destination no matter what. Sokkuri Sweets is a hilarious gameshow in which celebrities try to spot sweets/pastries that look identical to objects in real life: top notch pastry chefs will create masterpieces, challenging the eyes of the celebrities.