DRG: “Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen” cooked up its first global deals

Ahead of its premiere on Food Network UK on August 22, DRG is announced its first deals for “Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen” worldwide.

DRG has concluded deals for Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen with NHK in Japan, RTL in Germany, AMC in Central and Eastern Europe, SBS in Australia, Choice TV in New Zealand, CBC in Canada, and with BBC Studios for its pan-Asia footprint.

The 8x’30 cookery and lifestyle series was produced by the Swedish company Splay One, part of the NENT Group, and co-commissioned by DRG and UKTV. It follows the popular British chef as she puts her own twist on traditional Swedish dishes in the kitchen of a ‘stuga’, an old-style wooden house. However, this is more than just a cookery show: Rachel spends time immersed in nature in the local countryside, making the most of her new way of life, as well as meeting with food producers and other local craftspeople. There’s also a sprinkling of witty anecdotes, charming stories and entertaining observations about her new homeland.
Elin Thomas, DRG’s EVP of sales, commented: ‘DRG’s early involvement with co-commissioning this series points to our strong belief that this gorgeously shot program would be a hit. We are delighted to have concluded these early deals with such major broadcasters and are confident that many more will follow the anticipated positive ratings and reviews after transmission. Rachel is an accessible and gently energising host, with a passion that inspires viewers to try something different. The food and culinary history of Sweden has seldom been explored in this way before, but its long-standing focus on simplicity and fresh, healthy ingredients make it a perfect choice for a contemporary lifestyle show’.