Intraway to showcase new solution at CableLabs Summer Conference

Intraway will showcase Symphonica, its new infrastructure management solution at CableLabs Summer Conference on August 5-7, 2019.

Symphonica is a standards-based, low-code solution that targets the control and automation of fulfillment, maintenance, and assurance processes. Recognized for its innovation in OSS by Pipeline Magazine, Intraway’s Symphonica is a low-code/no-code flexible orchestration engine that manages complex orchestration processes, supporting high-volume transactions efficiently with zero-touch service order management and open APIs. Symphonica’s main appeal is that it increases operators’ agility to deploy new services and simplifies existing services management.

Diego Ambuhl, Intraway’s Product Manager, dijo: ‘Cable companies are constantly seeking to increase the available bandwidth and reduce data latency. They have adopted a distributed architecture that deploys Remote PHY devices (RPDs) close to customers' systems rather than on premises. RPDs allow a more expandable infrastructure and better throughput, but managing the distributed architecture is more complex as it adds new network elements for connectivity and security of the distributed elements; this is where we come in’.

Managing infrastructure deployments with SIM allows controlling and automating the E2E fulfillment process from weeks to hours, including but not limited to RPDs, CCAPs core provisioning, and the CIN switches, keeping an active inventory of implemented elements, and interacting with operational tools such as firmware management to ensure healthy operations.

It also enables bottom-up provisioning, including validation of installation parameters and generation of birth certificate for the RPDs, providing access to monitoring and telemetry data to external platforms via standard APIs, evolves the monitoring and telemetry of the RPDs in the network to trigger maintenance or dynamic changes in the network, and supports the network design-time function during migration to DAA.

The solution will also be featured at the Casa Systems stand at CableLabs, demonstrating specific integration within their portfolio. However, Symphonica works in any network environment, allowing the re-utilization of the flows in multiple technologies, simplifying the expansion of the platform to new technologies or additional use cases.