MIPTV: to be better or not to be

MIPTV 2019 comes to an end today with lots of discussions about the future of the event. A tip to take in mind: Prensario has surveyed dozens of participants --sellers and buyers-- and the answer is usually the same: ‘The market was bad but I had a good outcome’, or ‘People down, business good’.

Prensario talked yesterday with Paul Zilk, CEO of organizer Reed Midem. He resumed: ‘We have consulted more than 100 exhibitors of the world to find proper solutions for MIPTV. We start a transition period, we need 2-3 years to develop everything well. But we’ll make a brand new and healthy event for the future. If conditions are good enough, people will come’.

‘We know it is not possible to have everybody happy, our aim is to join buyers and sellers in a good business environment. We will insist for instance on spaces as ‘InDevelopment’, because industry members need to join themselves in an early stage of the content projects. We’ll make things easier for exhibitors and sellers’.

The other hit topic of MIPTV has been the big mergers of the industry: Disney with Fox, Comcast with Sky, and AT&T that has formed WarnerMedia including Warner Bros, Turner and HBO. One executive of the acquired companies said: ‘We know more about the other mergers than ours. But we know they are moving fast from now. AT&T is a telco and considers that entertainment is moving to a telco business, so they are naming telco heads, which is very dangerous, as idiosyncrasy is fully different… but at the same time they should not change what it works well. Let’s see’.

Yesterday we’ve stressed that Spain is in a top moment, with big media companies, especially the OTTs, wanting to produce or push fresh content there. In the meantime, another production icon for the new era has been born: Russia. Vlad Ryashin, CEO at head producer Star Media: ‘Digital platforms have started to develop original product, as TNT Premiere,, Yandex, requiring local production expertise. For us, business explodes up’.

TV-3, a top Russian broadcaster, has coproduced with TNT Premier Studio The Outbreak (8x’60), one of the 10 series for Canneseries Official Competition. Valeriy Fedorovich, CEO: ‘Today, Russia provides a great mix of infrastructure, drama storytelling and competitive costs. Co-productions with global players are on the rise’.

Another big trend is the evolution of broadcasters and producers to be multiplatform studios: to generate contents for own screens and for third parties, changing business models, partners per project. Just one year ago, Viacom bought Telefe broadcaster in Argentina and launched Viacom International Studios (VIS) in Latin America. Because of the success --it made productions for Amazon, Netflix, etc.-- the model is now being replicated in UK --with facilities in London and Manchester-- and for Europe --in Madrid.

Complement industries are closer to content business, too. The giant toy manufacturer Mattel has announced 22 new animation, game show and live action IPs, not only based on its legacy brands (Barbie, Hot Wheels, Max Steel) but also in new developments and other genres. Ynon Kreiz, CEO: ‘Our goal is to be an IP leader, high performing toy company’.

Konami, leading videogame label, has absorbed distributor 4K Media to launch Konami Cross Media brand. The aim is to develop contents with some of its most popular IPs as Contra, Frogger or Bomberman. The content bowl gest wider…

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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