MIPTV: the future on real time

Every day at MIPTV 2019, news about the changes of the event in 2020 take shape. First it was heard that Reed Midem decided to offer new price levels and independency from Mipcom. Then, the organizer planned to put all the companies together at the floor of The Palais, with 2-3 options of standardized booths and offering to be in charge of the decoration.

Due to the resistance of some big players, now the idea is to use all The Palais, but nothing outside… let’s see. The same is happening with the mergers of the industry: while Disney takes Fox, AT&T creates WarnerMedia, and Comscast gets Sky, now CBS and Viacom are closer again. The future on real time.

Including all the exhibitors at the floor has good advantages: the booths are reduced, there are no competitions about who can do it bigger, or needs to rent outside places to the city. Especially, having all the people together, the traffic is more notorious and profitable. Reed Midem plans many close packs as it develops successfully for MipCancun and MIPChina, where exhibitors receive hotel, space, meetings, ‘all in one’.

Why some companies are against? The floor has no natural light and it is noisy, and they want more space. Above all, one marketing manager said: ‘The exhibitors are not the problem, the organizer must make focus on the buyers. Many of them don’t want to come to Cannes twice per year’. All these possibilities don’t affect Mipcom, which will continue as always.

The mergers? 2019 is the year of the big acquisitions, and 2020 will be the time for the big consolidations. According to some gurus of the industry, there will be 4-5 giant media conglomerates operating in a global scale. The merge of CBS and Viacom is reasonable: the two National Amusements’ companies are separated since 2006, but they need to complement each other to compete better. Also, Discovery and Scripps are working on an ‘intelligent combination’: sources from the company said the newly-created company will be ready for Mipcom.

The mergers can also bring good news. Chris Ottinger, MGM: ‘If Disney-Fox and Warner cut the distribution of their films to offer them only through their OTTs, it can appear fresh demand for other blockbuster providers’. A key content producer added: ‘We are in a frenetic arms race, and this is great for content creators: new product is requested constantly’.

Other MIPTV big tips? Spain is in a top moment, everyone wants to coproduce or take content from the country, while many global players are building up local production offices. Netflix has opened this week 22,000sq2 studios with Secuoya Group, and --last minute news-- wants to develop original very big entertainment formats, as broadcasters’ prime time ones. The Mediapro Studio, on the other hand, has been one of the main launches of MIPTV, turning from a producer to a global studio model with 58 offices worldwide, 10 generating content. Big broadcasters Atresmedia and Mediaset have launched studios too, facing the international market.

The Spanish trend is pushing Latin America, as well. Argentina has two ‘Short Form’ nominations at CanneSeries: Noche de Amor (Macaco Films, Mil Grullas Cine and Contar) and Los Mentirosos (UN3), while Chile surprised with two big projects: the first is El Presidente, from Gaumont (France) Fábula (Chile) and Kapow (Argentina); and Invisible Heroes, coproduction between Finland (Kaiho) and Chile (Parox) for Yle (it premiers on April 21) and Chilevision.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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