MIPTV: the changes to come

MIPTV 2019 is showing what was expected: a good global market but going down, which needs changes to get up again. The good news is that organizer Reed Midem is decided for the first time to change deeply the commercial strategies to make the switch since 2020. New price levels and no ties to repeat Mipcom investments could come.

During the last month, Reed Midem hired consultancy companies that interviewed more than 70 key exhibitors asking them opinions to improve MIPTV. Then, rumors appeared saying that the show could move to Barcelona or Lisbon. Here during the market, sources from the organization assured that the city will be Cannes, but important changes will take place.

What do deceptive exhibitors request? Prensario has made a survey in which they mostly agreed: price reductions and not to be obliged to take the same spaces as in October. Consulted about these, the organization answered: ‘We are working on concrete solutions for these’.

One top Hollywood studio executive stressed that money is not the only problem. ‘I’d like to know if the right buyers are coming to MIPTV’, he pointed out. Prensario checked buyers the whole Monday and it can be said that many broadcasters have reduced their attendance from five to 3-2 people, but at least 1-2 big decision makers are here. There are less buying companies, but most of the important ones are in the Palais. It is also true that key people are departing earlier, between Tuesday night and Wednesday.

The lack of attendance at MIPTV comes especially from the U.S. market and Latin America, and some very big players from Europe. There are many more markets now: SeriesMania in Lille, Content London, Berlinale. The same Hollywood studio executive added: ‘Usually, at the beginning of the market we consider to stop coming, but at the end, when we see the final numbers, we switch in favor’.

Some people consider that with one event in Cannes is enough, and to change the city would be a good decision. But most of the European community sees MIPTV very important. About changing the city, someone said: ‘We should change the booth, and this would be an important extra cost’.

At the Opening Press Conference, Laurine Garaude, director of TV division at Reed Midem, said that about 9,500 executives are expected this week at MIPTV, from 100 countries. From them, 3,300 are buyers. On the exhibitors side, there are 40 new companies and two more pavilions, Romania and Bulgaria. She said that the aim for 2020 will be ‘to make changes’, but she didn’t provide details. About the market events, Garaude stressed that they will continue betting on ‘InDevelopment’, as ‘buyers are investing in an earlier stage of production’.

About product trends… what do the buyers want this MIPTV? Andrea Zaras, TV2 Hungary: ‘Daily game shows and shiny floor’. Cathy Ng, VIUtv, Hong Kong: ‘Everything for a free TV, mainly series and animation’. Mari Koivuhovi, YLE, Finland: ‘Good dramas’. Facundo Bailez, NBCUniversal Iberia: ‘Sci-fi and procedural series, for our two channels’. Nuno Vaz, RTP Portugal: ‘Entertainment formats’. Guillermo Sierra, HITN, USA: ‘Wild life and preschool’.

Mansi Darbar, Applause TV (India): ‘Formats in diverse genres’. Eric Luskin, American Public TV (Syndication, USA): ‘Traditional but fresh series’. Angel Lopez, Mediaset Spain: ‘Long series, by 80 episodes, for a TDT channel’. Patricio Hernández, Mega Chile: ‘Coproductions. We have Resistire, a reality coproduced with Viacom and Azteca 7 Mexico, which is performing very well’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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