Autentic Distribution confirms new package deals

Autentic Distribution announced a package of deals and new cooperations with its customers and partners.

The Czech channel Prima TV purchased a 50-hour package consisting of history, people and nature programmes, including titles such as the 5-part 15th Meridian East – Similarity in Difference (5x52') produced by DM Film; Balkan Boom Towns (5x52') produced by Micafilm or the Catalan production of La Xarxa Counts - The Origin of Catalonia (2x52') as well as Tangram's Wilderness in Europe – The Bohemian Forest (2x45').

Terrorism Close Calls (10x45’), which Autentic co-produced with Big Media, KM Plus Media and Picasso Film, was sold to n-tv in Germany as well as to the Swiss media group AZ Medien. Each episode of this 10-part series uncovers the true stories behind the world’s deadliest terror plots. Leading counter terrorism experts and the agents who stopped the plots take viewers from discovery of a threat through the investigation as they go after terror threats on a global scale. Terrorism Close Calls: Ten failed terrorist attacks that could have resulted in a catastrophe.

In addition to this programme, n-tv has also purchased two other series from Autentic: Men and Machines (6x45'), which was produced together with Die Herren Fernsehen, and Working the Night Shift (5x45'), a co-production with Sichtfeld Media.

The German channel Anixe TV has opted for a large package with over 50 hours of programming. Included are titles such as Culinary Treasures (3x52'), which Autentic co-produced with smac media, the 10-part series Life Beyond the Ordinary (10x45') co-produced with Südhang Films or our classic series Wildlife Nannies (22x30') by Context TV and The Salvagemasters (13x45') by Millstream Films.

The Austrians from High View Media have also bought a large programme package with more than 50 hours, containing mainly genres like Nature and Travel. Soon you will be able to see programmes like Wilderness in Europe – The Bohemian Forest (2x45'), 2 for 300 (6x30') which is produced by WDR or the series Who’s Beautiful? by Kobalt Productions.

Moreover, the company closed a deal with over 30 hours of programming with True Visions from Thailand. The following programs will soon be shown there: Chasing the Northern Lights (10x45') by the Norwegian production company Alfred Films, the NZZ series Toxic Trends (5x52'), or Vincent TV's 5-part series Secrets of Arabia (5x52').

Last but not least, the educational channel Infobase from New York has opted for a package of more than 20 hours mainly with Art and History programmes, including titles such as Erich Kästner – The Other Face (60') produced by Gebrüder Beetz, Prounen Film’s Portrait about Max Beckmann (52') or The Auctioneers (52') by Hoferichter & Jacobs.