TRT: Resurrection: Ertugrul returned on its S5 with high success

Resurrection: Ertugrul returned to TRT on its fifth season outscoring all competitors in all categories. Globally distributed by MISTCO, the series will be launched at next week’s MIPCancun

Turkey’s highest-rated drama Resurrection: Ertugrul debuted Season 5 last Wednesday, November7, with leadership on all categories. On the 20+ ABC1 it reached 36.39% of share, while in AB the figure was 35.79%; on total audience, the share was 31.93%. Produced by TRT, the leader of Turkish epic drama production, the series left very strong dramas behind and achieved a phenomenal success with its episode 1, just as it has done every year for the last five seasons.

Focusing on the journey of Ertugrul Bey and his tribe to find a home to settle in, Resurrection: Ertugrul is not only a hit drama in its hometown, aired on TRT1, but it is also a glorious star all around the world. Broadcasted in more than 40 countries, the series seems to be keeping its throne this year as well.