Imira launches Mondo Yan at MIPJunior

Six new premium kids and family titles are coming from Imira Entertainment at MIPJunior/MIPCOM 2018, starting with Mondo Yan, a 52x12’ CGI Comedy Adventure series targeted at a 5-8 gender-neutral audience.

The brand new series is an Imira co-production with leading free-to-air terrestrial channel Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) in Spain, India-based Toonz Media Group and Telegael of Ireland. It follows the comical adventures of three unlikely and awkward heroes entrusted with the mission to save humanity and protect the balance of nature and harmony from an unscrupulous underworld leader and his less-than-intelligent band of misfit mutant monsters.

Imira will also be presenting Miniforce X, (52x13’) the second season of the successful Miniforce IP produced by SAMG, which follows the adventures of the dynamic commando force with special transformational powers and on a mission to protect small and helpless animals. Also, to be presented new to the market are Spy Penguins (26x5’) an action-comedy animation series tells the story of Rooky, Texture and Roborobo coming together to confront the evil Big Boss and his subordinates in Paris. They deploy innovative weapons, drive cool cars, and work together to accomplish their mission. Spy Penguin is a high-quality animation series for the whole family with large doses of comedy, adventure, action, and fun.

Imira is also presenting Magic Mania (26x12’), a live action magic show produced by Veralia, that teaches kids how to do the simplest yet most astonishing and entertaining tricks.

For the preschool target, two new Toonz co-productions will be presented. Dee Dee, The Little Sorceress (52x11’), a Fantasy Adventure series co-produced with Neon Creation, which is set in a delightful pop-up style world which focuses on the three main values of friendship, tolerance and solidarity; and The Story of Bookworm Gogo (104x5’)  co-produced with Xrisp, an imaginary book adventure which cultivates young kids’ ability to think and act for themselves through the world’s most well-known children’s stories.

Imira will also be presenting the fully-completed space comedy adventure, Sindbad and the 7 Galaxies (26x11’) produced by Toonz Media Group, which follows schoolboy Sindbad and his trusty team who embark on galaxy-saving adventures from the enemies of nature.

Paul Robinson, Imira’s CEO comments: 'These exciting brand new shows including originals, co- productions and acquisitions are part of our strategy to bring to the market comedies and preschool content designed for digital and broadcast platforms that will delight and entertain kids and families worldwide.