Armoza Formats: Sex Tape arrives to Belgium

Armoza Formats (Israel) confirmed the commision of its social experiment Sex Tape to Belgium’s SBS. The local adaptation will air on their VIJF channel during prime time and will star leading sexologist Goedele Liekens.

The new commission follows the news of the commision of the developed by Armoza Formats and based on the idea pitched by Dr. Shelly Varod, in the UK by Channel 4.

Sex Tape (60-90’) is the must-see social experiment, where each week three couples will try to fix their relationships through a dramatic and spicy new therapy. They’ll film their love life for a week – the issues, the intimacy and the sex… They will then meet the other couples, and under the guidance of a top sex therapist they will reveal their uncensored tapes. We will see their raw and unfiltered reactions, from the laughter to the conflicts and the tears, but will the new perspective that they get from the experience change their relationship?

Isabelle Dams, Net Manager at VIJF: 'Sex Tape is funny, heartwarming at times, heartbreaking at other moments, and most of all: relevant. It is comforting to see that other couples deal with the same issues and is inspiring to see how they master their difficulties, with both the couples and the viewers getting something out of the experience.'

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats: Sex Tape offers a unique and dynamic approach on the universal topic of relationships by showing the real side of these couples that we don’t normally see. The show is the perfect fit for VIJF and we look forward to a successful partnership with them in bringing this format to Belgium'.