MIPTV wrap up: open future

MIPTV ended yesterday with a mix of feelings. CANNESERIES has refreshed the market, adding people and initiatives. But the road to reinforce MIPTV cost & benefits average has just started.

According to Reed Midem, the sum of MIPTV, CANNESERIES, MIPDoc, MIPFormats, MIPDramas, the first ‘In Development’ and an expanded Junior@MIPTV programme, generated 10,000 attendees from 102 countries. There were 1480 exhibiting companies, 3600 buyers including more than 1000 VOD ones. The top 5 countries attending have been France, UK, USA, Germany and Canada. There were 450 journalists, and the number of programs available at MIPDoc library was 1572.

Is the event fine? In favor: MIPTV exhibitors claimed for changes and Reed Midem started doing them, adding the glamour of the film festival and fresh synergies with massive business. Many buyers are happy with CANNESERIES. For a first time, it is positive. Against: exhibitors seemed disgusted with the volume of people inside the Palais, some said the event kept slow, even slower than previous years.

It is not a question of volume: MIPTV is the second content event of the calendar for far. Even with a big reduction of the announced figures, is bigger than the others. It is not a question of quality: Prensario checked all week and at least 2000 big worldwide buyers were in Cannes. MIPTV is as global as Mipcom but lets do some important tasks better, with more time.

The problem is the perception between Cannes costs vs. concrete incomes. And people usually compares MIPTV remembering Mipcom, which is unfair, but Reed Midem must deal with it. The two sides must push to make MIPTV go forward, as it is very important for content industry.

More market tips (we haven’t mentioned in previous dailies): main stars present were Jean-Jacques Annaud, who introduced exclusive footage of his first TV series The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair; Harlan Coben, Michael Kenneth Williams, Patrick Dempsey, Ben Schnetzer, Antonio Fargas, Corinne Touzet, Michael Youn and Michelle Dockery, among others.

The MIPDrama Summit saw 450 buyers discovering six ‘work in progress’ drama series. The MIPDrama Buyers Coup de Coeur Award went to Bullets (Sky Vision, UK). Meanwhile, the 600 delegates at In Development, saw 12 drama projects pitched to production partners and investors. The two projects selected for funding support were The Sources of Evil (Wueste Film, Germany) and Whatever, Linda (Donaldson, Canada).

The MIPDoc International Pitch prize went to Soora – Breaking the Silence from Germany’s New Docs. MIPFormats International Pitch winner was Light My Fire from Italy’s BicFormats. In the format business, Turkey and South Korea were the countries with more new players, while China brought an array of Chinese-produced formats to MIPTV for the first ever.

Junior@MIPTV initiative was expanded with a new kids’ live action pitch competition, the first Kids’ World Premiere Screening (Find Me In Paris) and the International Emmy Kids Awards. Also, new technology was abundant at MIPTV with 4K, 8K, Ultra HD, VR, AR and MR demostrations. Award-winning film director Robert Rodriguez attended MIPTV to present his live-action, short-form VR series, The Limit.

A concluding opinion? Alex Mahon, CEO Channel 4, UK: ‘How can broadcasters attract young audiences? The question is: have we got the content that engages them? So when we put on the shows that young audiences want to watch, they absolutely watch…but they watch it whether it’s live or on demand’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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