Mondo TV: fast and forward

Things are moving quickly for Mondo TV (Italy): the company has been keen to develop new partnerships on projects with great content creators worldwide, and bets on its licensing and merchandising division to achieve new businesses.

‘Family viewing is very important to us. Therefore, through the IberoAmerican branch of the company in Madrid, Mondo TV Iberoamerica, we are currently developing some new live action comedy and drama, mainly aimed at teens aged from 8 to 16 but also containing strong family appeal and, of course, potential global reach’, says Matteo Corradi, CEO.

In terms of content alliances, the company recently signed a deal with Netflix for the first IP out of Korea to become an Original Netflix Series, the animated children’s series Yoohoo to the Rescue (52x11’), co-produced with Aurora World Corporation, and extended its agreement with CJ E&M (South Korea) on the property Robot Trains, developing a strong Consumer products strategy. The show was sold to Cartoonito Italy, Discovery Kids channel for a number of Arabic-speaking countries and Canal Panda (Portugal). Other big hit is the live-action show, Heidi Bienvenida a Casa (60 x 45’), which will be released soon in Rai Gulp.

Regarding the global kids programming market, Corradi highlights that ‘more and more producers are developing and showcasing live drama and comedy for kids as part of their offering’. ‘There’s clearly a strong trend towards live-action drama and comedy – one to which we are already responding. But we still have a very popular and diverse animation offering with a real cross-gender appeal. Of course, getting it right is still the main challenge’.

‘We don’t focus on one region in particular. The world -from the smallest countries to the biggest regions- is our marketplace, and that’s where we pitch our ideas and target our offering’, completes de executive.