MIPTV + CanneSeries: together are better

The new face of MIPTV, with the approach of CanneSeries around, is showing good results: the usual figures of the traditional event are kept -Reed Midem says 11500 attendees, 3800 buyers, from which 1000 are kids buyers- and CanneSeries has added at least 7000, 8000 people more, to watch the screenings and to participate of the extra events.

At the weekend, again a great success has been MIPdramas, with 450 buyers, including main European and Asian ones.

MIPTV formally starts today, while at the weekend we had MIPdoc, MIPformats and MIPdramas. The second and the third continued on Sunday, both held by Asian sponsorships. MIPformats had Japan and China on Saturday, Korean KOCCA on Sunday, while MIPdramas lunch -300 buyers- and cocktail were sponsored by China. Are they the new heads of the market? Money brings business, and viceversa.

What kind of people added CanneSeries? Its extra attendees are media industry members (producers, creators, writers, studios’ executives) free public (fans, etc.) good stars (Patrick Dempsey has been the most required so far) and people from other businesses (music, audio, video; massive advertising, licensing, etc.). During Saturday and Sunday, we saw very long rows of people waiting to enter the screenings. Also traditional buyers, run from MIPdramas to Lumiere Auditorium to watch them.

Real advantages or gimmicky shots, there is a refreshed week, as the media industry was claiming. Let’s see with time, but the first steps are made.

Trendy news? About the Asian growth, at MIPdramas lunch it was stressed that China has generated last year USD 84 billions in content revenue exportations. CJ E&M, main Pay TV programmer in South Korea, is expanding its content production through Asia: it has bought production companies in Thailand and Vietnam, highlighted Jinwoo Hwang, head of global development.

In India, all consumer-oriented sectors have converged in video as the primary way of engagement, generating a boom of production. Endemol Shine China and Youku, has agreed to coproduced two original series for Chinese market in 2018, and also co-create big budget, high quality non-scripted shows, with international creative talent.

The digital titans are betting on original content. Sergio Oslé, president, Movistar+, Spain: ‘Within the last two years we have produced and broadcast six drama series, which are a big success in our platform. And we’ve launched the exclusively Pay TV channel in Latin America for them, Movistar Series, already available at Peru, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador, as TV and app in the future’.

What did buyers look for at MIPdramas? Ewa Dabrowska, manager of International Film Acquisitions, TVP Poland: ‘Crime stories, big thrillers, as Bullets’. Irana Kraukle, acquisition manager, All Media Baltics, Latvia: ‘Premium on demand series, as Bullets’. Facundo Bailez, acquisitions NBCUniversal, Spain & Portugal: ‘Alternative European series, both for Calle 13 and S-Fi Channel’. Hiroshi Osada, manager programming, Nippon TV, Japan: ‘Out of the box series’.

Alex Medeiros, director, content acquisitions Globosat, Brazil: ‘Police series, for premium pay TV and on demand’. Diana Shishkina, head of acquisitions, Russkoe, Russia: ‘New drama languages, to twist Russian market’. Mignon Huisman, head of series acquisitions, Belgium: ‘European series, now there is a lot to choose’. Ariana Myers, DirecTV Latin America: ‘Premium, mainly crime, on demand series’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara, Rodrigo Cantisano


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