all3media: 'Two weddings, one cab and some entrepreneurs'

all3media international (UK) shares with Prensario its view on trends in formats in Latin America, and highlights the new shows for the upcoming MIPTV 2018.

One of all3media international ‘s longest running entertainment shows is Cash Cab– a favourite for Discovery USA and translated as a format to over 30 territories around the world. Tony Tackaberry, the show’s producer at Lion TV in New York, was recently at NATPE where he spoke about the show’s longevity and its return to the channel with a celebrity special, to Lizza Monet Morales.

“What drove it coming back was the trend for family audience shows and a hint to nostalgia. In the last couple of years there've been a bunch of known titles that have been rebooted. David Zaslav, Head of Discovery Communications, spearheaded that initiative and wanted Cash Cab back with a celebrity component. I think the combination of it being a known brand, a familiar brand, a little bit of nostalgia for the Discovery viewer plus that desire to reboot it, bring it back bigger and splashier than before. The outpouring from the fans proved that this was something that people really wanted to have back in their lives; we live in strange times in the USA and having something that isn't gritty, that you can go to as a piece of escapism. It’s an antidote to our times.

Another major studio entertainment show launch discussed was Wedding Day Winners, a truly cross-generational primetime entertainment format developed by Panda Television for BBC One. The show sees two engaged couples and their friends and families going head-to-head in order to win fabulous prizes, a dream honeymoon, and most importantly an extraordinary wedding ceremony broadcast to the nation. Creator and exec producer Moira Ross noted; 'It really fills the primetime entertainment space between singing and dancing, offering a warm and big-hearted show with a universal theme. Anywhere in the world in any culture, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and people are truly excited to take part, creating a big family celebration with a lot of heartfelt moments as audiences share this really intimate experience with the couples. And because it’s such a global theme, we’ve built in great flexibility to the format – it might be that the slapstick games will appeal more in certain cultures and the heartfelt, human stories will appeal more in others – so I can’t wait to work with broadcasters to adapt the idea for Latin American audiences.'

all3media international are also launching a second wedding show at MIPTV – equally fun but a different proposition ( pardon the pun). From SEO for RTL2 Germany, Whirlwind Wedding, a 90 minute special, is not for feint –hearted! A future groom will be tempted with a once in a lifetime offer: a wedding to finally marry the love of their life at no cost to them. The fine print: the marriage is supposed to happen today!

He must make the crucial decision with no time to spare: will he be able to find an engagement ring and propose? And if she says yes: will they manage to invite their families and friends, find a suitable location, the wedding rings, the wedding outfits as well as the venue, the celebrant, the party band and the decorations – all in the next 12 hours? But no need to panic, help is at hand. A well-known wedding planner and their host will assist the prospective newlyweds to achieve their dream.

Studio Lambert are also launching shows at MIPTV, including Buy it now – a studio show again, but this time a show that embraces the entrepreneur as the product pitch turns into an entertainment performance. Entrepreneurs have just 90 seconds – the time psychologists say it takes someone to decide whether or not to part with their money – to convince 100 audience members to buy their product. Items may range from the fabulous to the dubious, and audience members display their view though a green light. If the Pitcher sells at least one product to the focus group audience, they get the chance to supersize the order and sell to a panel of leading retailers who are looking for products to buy in bulk. So entertainment comes in all shape sand sizes.