Brazil: How people choose what to watch on TV

Parrot Analytics has issued a White Paper on public opinion about social networks in 10 top world markets, featuring their opinion about how they discover and follow TV shows, online and offline, as well as the market share of the major OTT networks and other insight on the online market, which is known to be difficult to seize and evaluate through traditional measurement techniques.

The chart illustrates how get acquainted with the type of programming they will watch, with the SVOD “home screen recommendation” on top of the list, closely followed by “online browsing”; “word of mouth”, usually through the social networks, takes third place, while advertisements are slightly less effective.

According to this paper, Netflix accounts for 88% of the “demand expressions” (social media mentions, downloads and other related activity), followed by Amazon Prime Video with 5%, Hulu takes third place with 4% and all the other platforms add up to 3%.

The report is based on Parrot’s global TV demand dataset, which covers more than 100 countries with population speaking more than 60 languages. It covers ten markets speaking six languages: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the U.K and the United States, in addition to Brazil.

To download this free report, go to https://insights.parrotanalytics.com/brazil-svod-digital-television-audience-report