European networks upgrade with GRB tech series

GRB Entertainment (USA) announced sales of Technology and Science based programming in Europe.

Alpha59 in Italy recently picked up two seasons of the popular series Tech Toys 360. This show travels the globe in search of the coolest vehicles, gadgets and gear. Through the series audiences are given access to a world of million dollar super cars, jaw dropping motorcycles, cutting edge tech.
Game One picked up Super Fan Builds for France and their French speaking territories. This build show is sure to please viewers as they watch Hollywood’s top prop makers build one of a kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games and movies. From famous film swords to classic movie cars, these guys can build anything! Whether you’re a fan of classic films like Back To The Future or a Minecraft obsessed gamer, you’ll be blown away by these life-size creations!
WP1 in Poland acquired How Stuff Works. From this Discovery Channel program viewers will learn the ins and outs of what makes the world go ‘round and the lengths people go to turn fundamental elements like whiskey and leather into the products we love. Watch as scientists breakdown complex scientific principles and show how these discoveries have shaped our world. WP1 also added Tech Toys 360 as well.
'We are pleased to bring these quality technology focused series to Europe where audiences have already begun to embrace these entertaining shows. Our broadcast partners Alpha59, Game One and WP1 will be sure to enjoy success with these programs', said Michael Lolato, SVP of International Distribution, GRB Entertainment.