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To many participants, this Mipcom 2014 is the dreamed market: full of people, with impressive amount of announcements and closing deals. Formats and co-production projects are on top, especially when they are cross-country, cross-region. Interactive and digital has lastly come to the day-by-day content experiences. Though entertainment is the king, fiction is the new thing for many big players, mainly European ones.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Beta Film brunch: Alexander Wrabetz, director general, ORF (Austria);
Wolf Bauer, CEO, UFA (Germany); Jan Mojto, CEO, Beta Film Germany;
and Bernd Reichart, CEO, Vox TV (Germany).
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Latam Dealmakers Lunch: Marcos Santana, president, Telemundo International,
Epigmenio Ibarra, president, Argos Media,
and Francisco Gonzalez Diaz, CEO, ProMexico

Mike Beale, SVP production ITV Studios (UK): ‘Our big news are 4 prime time fictions: "Aquarius" for instance, is a thriller with David Duchovny, 13x60’, for U.S. network NBC. On the other hand, digital is here. A very fresh format is "Secret Life of Students", to tell young lives through pictures and messages of social media: Twitter, Facebook’. Joel Denton, MD, International content partnerships, A+E Networks: ‘Our new thing is drama. We are co-producing TV series with FremantleMedia ("The Return", based on a French TV series) and "Texas Rising", with ITV Studios’.

Marteen Meijs, CEO Talpa (Holland): ‘Our new very innovative format is "The Big picture", a game show with an app that let people play alone at home and also help participants on real time on TV, sharing prizes’. Mihai Crasneanu, CEO, Grey Juice Lab (UK): 'Today, we do not discuss about monetization anymore: the people has the decision of consuming these contents and the money to pay it. The big challenge of the operators is the way we present and the relevance of the content'.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Singapore Media Festival: Angeline Poh, assistant chief executive, MDA;
Yeow Hui Lang, senior project director, Reed Exhibitions;
and Jonathan Spink, CEO, HBO Asia
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Buyers of BBC, for the world: Rachel Bailey, head of programming, Western Europe;
Kully Karr Bains, head of programming, Africa;
Maurizio Tavares, SVP branded services-TV Channels, Latin America

Ran Telem, VP programming Keshet (Israel): ‘"We stress Help! I can't cook", a cooking reality-show with a different approach: the participants have no idea about cooking. Israel is not a ‘moment’ at the content market, is a process built by coming to the markets, opening doors, and working with the best TV partners worldwide'. Nadav Palti, CEO Dorimedia (Israel): ‘To grow in entertainment formats, we are taking good formats from different countries ("Aha experience" from Japan, "Invisible man" from Russia) and we produce international versions/pilots. "Power Couple" is our top hit now, the market requires big realities’.

Mipcom news: 21st Century Fox and private equity firm Apollo Management has formed a 50-50 partnership to manage Endemol, Shine and Core Media, led by Turner Laing. The new company operates in more than 30 markets with more than 600 scripted and non-scripted formats, digital, gaming, and distribution. The traditional Beta Film’s "Brunch" joined yesterday about 300 people, including top broadcasters. Jan Mojto, CEO, highlighted the attractive appeal of the company for worldwide buyers, making the German content evolve and adding productions of different origins.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Disney/Azteca press conference: Pedro Lascurain, head of acquisitions,
Azteca (Mexico); Fernando Barbosa, SVP Latin America, Disney;
Rodrigo Fernandez, general manager, Azteca; and Leonardo Aranguibel,
production director, Disney
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Belgium buyers at the TV France International cocktail: Valerie Lardinois,
head of acquisitions, RTBF; Jorge Huercalo, programming director,
David Oxley, head of acquisitions, and Jacques Vanden,
documentary acquisitions manager, all from RTL

MDA (Singapore) announced during its Singapore Media Festival a remake of the "George of the Jungle" to be done in its country with Dreamworks, and the launch of "Grace", a police series co-produced by HBO Asia and Infocus Asia. Indonesia: broadcaster SCTV is now leading the market (January-October), winning RCTI (#2) with local drama series; Indosiar (part o the same group), is third coming from the 6th position, with an offer of local traditional music shows.

Mexico activities yesterday included the panels "Mexico Megasession", "Public broadcaster Superpanel" and "Mexico Matchmacking". The second panel gathered Mexican Public Broadcasting (SPR), Canal 22, Canal Once, TV Educativa and TVUNAM. The main conclusion was: 'Public TV does not sales program, it offers ideas'.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Jan Ho Seo, head of international acquisitions, CJ E&M/TvN,
and T.J. Kim, president, United Media, both from South Korea,
with Ernesto Lombardi, international manager, TVN Chile.
"Where is Elisa?" stars in Korea
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
The Astro Maylasia and Azteca Mexico press conference: Kairul Anwar Salleh, VP,
Malay Segment, Astro; Dato’K Bala Singam, senior under Secretary,
ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia;
Dalin Zalln Muhd Jiwa, CEO, Global Station, Malaysia;
Marcel Vinay, international sales VP, Azteca; Henry Tan, COO, Astro;
Dato’ Fauzi Ayob, Finas Malaysia, and Dato’ Sri Abdul Rahim Bin Mohamad Radzi,
Secretary General, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

Azteca, one of the two top Mexican broadcasters, had yesterday two big announcements: on one hand, a multi production deal with Disney Latin America for four series to be produced within the next three years, including scripted and entertainment for free TV in Mexico, but with the chance to be aired in the US Hispanic and panregional pay TV, too.

On the other hand, with producer Global Station and satellite broadcaster Astro, both from Malaysia, it was introduced "Love to Remember", the first telenovela of their 3 year co-production deal. The shooting quality of the product was stressed to the attendance. Comarex (Mexico) is in charge of international distribution. BluePrint (Mexico) and Comarex also signed a partnership with Hub Media (Singapore), which starts to distribute almost 20 formats for the Asian region: dramas, sitcoms, thrillers and several non-scripted formats.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
The ITV Inter Medya (Turkey) party: Kadir Cil, producer, ATV (Turkey);
Ahmet Ziyalar, managing director, ITV Inter Medya;
Ziyad Varol, head of business, ATV, and Can Okan, CEO, ITV Inter Medya
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
The Telemundo cocktail: Luis Silberwasser, president,
Jesus Torres, head of programming, both from Telemundo Network,
with Patricio Willis, president, RTI (Colombia)

Telemundo International (USA) had a very busy day, sponsoring the "Latam Dealmakers Lunch" together with Reed Midem and ProMexico, attended by over 150 key executives, and a cocktail party at its booth, attended by Joe Uva, chairman, Hispanic Enterprises and Content, NBCUniversal, and Luis Silberwasser, new president, Telemundo Network, and Marcos Santana, president, Telemundo International.

Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
At Beta Film Brunch: Jan Maxa, director of programs and formats development,
and Markéta Stinglová, manager of international content projects,
both from Ceska Televize (Czech Republic)
with Olaf Grunert, head of sub coordination TV Games, ZDF (Germany).
Mipcom 2014 - Daily Service
Pink TV Group (Serbia) at ITV party: Dragan Jelicic, head of acquisitions,
Zelko Mitrovic, President & CEO, Ivan Vlatkovic, VP,
and Natasa Milosavgevic, head of Pink Pedia.
The group manages 45 free and Pay TV channels in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Below Telemundo distribution, TVN Chile formats are in a great moment: its series "Where is Elisa?" has a local version in CJ E&MG’s TvN Korea, to be launched October 27. The Portuguese version of "Los Hijos del Monte", "Belmonte", was nominated to Emmy TV awards. And the Middle East version of this product has grown to 10 percent to 40 percent of market share during its exhibition.

Nicolas Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara & Rodrigo Cantisano
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